Bag addiction

I admit it. I totally love making those bags. I could make dozens of them. So, when we got invited to a birthday party last week, I thought that this bag would be perfect to hold a little gift for a little guy. And since he has an older brother, why not making a second one for him too. So now, they both have a little bag to carry their toys around. And I got to use my beautiful Echino fabric!


Pants for a crawler

When you look at your kid's clothes and you see this, you know you have a problem.

Five pairs of pants and a hole on every left knee. I'm not an expert but I think there is a trend here... He likes to crawl but I don't know if you can still call this crawling at that age. The truth is, he mastered the art of walking on his four like any other dog. He's amazingly fast at it. I suppose everyone needs a weird talent at some point.

The thing is, I don't have enough money to buy 5 or 6 other new pairs right now. So I found old adult pants in my stash and I made a couple of new ones. They probably won't last longer than the last ones but at least, they didn't cost me anything.

Here's what he looks like with one of them. He's even standing in it. I'm surprised.


B comme bleu

Après quelques semaines, je reprends mon projet d'abécédaire en photos, et la couleur bleu est aujourd'hui à l'honneur! C'était amusant de chercher des objets avec des formes et des textures différentes. Il y a malheureusement des ombres dans la photo. Il fait trop soleil présentement, mais je ne me plaindrai pas...

After a few weeks, I come back to my ABC photo project with all things blue. It was really fun to search for objects with different shapes and textures. Unfortunately, there are some shadows in the picture. My usual spot was too sunny today, but I won't complain (with all the rain we got last week!)...


The post where I'm almost finished with the quilt

My friend Émilie asked me to make her a duvet cover this Winter. We talked about the design and I decided to make a quilt. It was the first time I would make a quilt for a big bed and I never thought it would be this long. Washing, ironing, cutting and sewing the fabric took me ages. The two main reasons are obvious: 1) I'm way too slow 2) this is a long project. Long projects are for people who sleep well at night, who can spend hours of their day doing this. Long projects are for dedicated, patient people. Right now, in my life, I need to take a break from long projects!

I really like how the quilt turned out but I'm stuck. I can't finish it and I'm starting to suspect either black magic or bad quilt karma. I just have to put the #/@%%% zipper on! I tried last night and I failed. I might get lazy and ask my mom to finish it for me. I'm that pathetic.

One day, I'll show you a great picture of the quilt. I'll even write a great positive post about how proud I am and how important it is not to give up (I say that to my kids). Don't get me wrong. I'm really excited and grateful for the opportunity I was given. It's always great to create something entirely new for someone I admire so much. But right now, it looks like that. And I feel sorry for my zipper incompetent self.

On a sweeter note, this is a lunch bag I made for the Husband last week. I finished it in an evening. Great sense of accomplishment. It looks like the one I made for the Girl a while ago, just bigger. I used this tutorial as an inspiration.


De retour! // I'm back!

Les derniers mois ont été un peu fous. Le travail, les enfants... Trouver le temps pour coudre, blogger à propos de ce que j'ai fait et avoir envie de le faire faire s'avérait difficile. J'avais aussi l'impression que je m'éparpillais un peu, essayant pleins de choses, ne sachant pas trop où m'en aller avec le blog, mon idée de compagnie de sacs et tout ce que ça implique. L'idée de départ était de s'amuser en créant des trucs. Il faut que j'arrête de me mettre de la pression inutile parce que j'en ai assez dans tous les autres aspects de ma vie. «La Créature» devrait ma stress-free zone. J'en ai besoin d'une.

The last months have been a little crazy. Work, kids... Finding the time to sew and blog about it proved to be hard and not that fun. I also felt unfocused, trying a lot of things but not knowing where to go with this blog and that little idea of a bag business. I always feel that I won't have the time to do it all and it puts a lot of useless pressure on me. In the last few weeks, I remembered that I started this blog for fun, because I wanted to show what I create. Because I want and I need a stress-free zone in my life. A place where I can imagine I have all the time in the world to sew, and dream, and drink coffee and take pictures...

Il y a de cela peut-être un mois, j'ai fini mon dernier cadeau de Noël. J'avais promis à mon beau-frère et ma belle-soeur un set de napperons. J'ai juste pris pas mal de temps pour les faire. Ma belle-soeur m'a donné le thème, red velvet, et j'ai choisi des couleurs et des motifs qui me rappelaient le gâteau. Je leur ai finalement donné le cadeau en fin de semaine.

Maybe a month ago, I finished my last Christmas gift. I had promised my brother- and my sister-in-law a set of placemats. My sister-in-law picked the color theme, red velvet cake, and I chose the fabrics that reminded me of this crazy cake. Brown and red with polkadots and swirls... I thought it fit! They finally got their gift this weekend. A Christimas present for Easter!


Petite pause // Little break

Il faut parfois choisir ses priorités dans la vie. La mienne est beaucoup trop occupée présentement pour que je travaille sur mon petit blogue. Je vais prendre une pause et revenir dans quelques semaines... lorsque le travail sera moins fou et les maladies infantiles (encore et toujours), envolées avec le printemps (j'essaie de me le faire croire!)...

Sometimes, you have to choose your priorities. Right now, my life is way too busy to be able to take care of this little blog. I will take a short break, a Spring break, and come back in a few weeks when work will be less crazy and my kids, well, less sick...

À bientôt // See you soon


Un sac pour la fille // A bag for the girl

Il y a quelques semaines, j'ai fait ce sac pour A. Maintenant, les deux enfants ont un sac pour emporter leurs jouets lorsqu'ils vont en visite.

A few weeks ago, I made this bag for the baby girl. Now, both kids have bags to carry all the little toys they want when they go on vacation.