Pants for a crawler

When you look at your kid's clothes and you see this, you know you have a problem.

Five pairs of pants and a hole on every left knee. I'm not an expert but I think there is a trend here... He likes to crawl but I don't know if you can still call this crawling at that age. The truth is, he mastered the art of walking on his four like any other dog. He's amazingly fast at it. I suppose everyone needs a weird talent at some point.

The thing is, I don't have enough money to buy 5 or 6 other new pairs right now. So I found old adult pants in my stash and I made a couple of new ones. They probably won't last longer than the last ones but at least, they didn't cost me anything.

Here's what he looks like with one of them. He's even standing in it. I'm surprised.

1 commentaire:

  1. C'est très drôle: avec le nôtre c'est *toujours* le genou droit! On achète des pantalons et c'est inévitable que quelques mois plus tard le genou droit est percé. On pourrait essayer de combiner les jambes droites de L et les jambes gauches de E! Chez nous les pantalons troués prennent le chemin de la poubelle, mais si tu as une meilleure solution, on écoute.
    (et c'est très impressionnant la paire de jeans que tu as faite!)